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Being understood is a beautiful thing. At bellagreen we understand that you want to fill life with memorable moments & experiences that deliver on what you need. We also believe that every meal is a chance to make life & Earth more beautiful.

We offer chef prepared meals in a fast casual environment. Our diverse menu includes soups, salads, pizza, pastas, entrees and freshly prepared desserts. We take pride in being able to customize items to meet your dietary needs as well.

We also proudly protect the Earth with every meal we serve through sustainable sourcing & cooking. Learn more here 

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  • Suns out tongues out. @lennon_yorkie likes our sustainably sourced salmon just as much as we do! 😋
  • We’re wrapping up another work day and filling it with chicken caesar goodness. 😉
  • This summer seasonal is something special! Our Ginger Sriracha Salmon plate is flavorful, colorful and beautiful from top to bottom. Plus, it’s made with sustainably-sourced, best aquaculture practices (BAP) certified salmon. We’ll miss this dish when it’s gone!
  • Our team members take our mission to heart. Making Earth more beautiful one smile and selfless act at a time.
  • Whether we’re planting seedlings, conserving water or recycling, we’re passionate about reducing our footprint on this earth while we can. What are some things you do in your daily life to #TreadLightly? #GreenandGrowing
  • One of those seasonal items you wish was here year ‘round… It’s gluten free, full of flavor, and covered in a cloud of whipped cream. It has us wishing summer would never end! #SummerSeasonal
  • Raise your hand if you’ve been looking forward to this brunch all week @TheHungryPetite! 🙋‍♀️
  • Our favorite way to escape the office: afternoon snacks and sips. 🍷
  • Eeny, meeny, miny…. more please! @kelko_tasties